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[ Character's Name ] : Anise Tatlin
[ Character's Age ] : 13
[ Series ] : Tales of the Abyss
[ Canon Point ] : Post Ion's Death

[ History ] :
Wiki Information

Anise lived most of her live in Daath with her parents who were always prone to scams. Every time they would get calls or advertisements that would lead them to give money to people. Being the nice and kind people they were, they always fell for it, and at some point, her parents owed the Church of Daath tons of money. Her parents were forced to work for Daath with now pay, and Anise was ushered to become a Fon Master Guardian. Surprisingly during that time, she was still undergoing training, and new to the Order, she met Dist the Reaper, a slim and slender man with white hair and a flower collared uniform who always ate by himself.

Anise had the guts to sit down and converse with them. When she actually had been picked as the Fon Master's Guardian, Anise was treated poorly by the other jealous women that were there, picking her and causing trouble for her. Some point during all that had been happening, Anise was dumped over the head with water, ruining documents that she had to deliver to the Fon Master, and that time, Tokunaga her doll was stomped on by one of the jealous young women. Dist had saved her by appearing, making the women run away, while Anise was still there standing with water running down her face and clothes. When Dist spoke of her parents in an ill manner, Anise bites back telling him not to say bad things about her parents and running off, leaving Dist to pick up her doll. He commenced an experiment on the doll, returning it to Anise saying that he was stitched up Tokunaga for an experiment he wanted to try.

He explained to her that the doll would react to her fonons when she gives the command. He placed a special font tech in there in order for the doll to respond to her call and grow in its size ten fold. It is a useful asset for that she would be able to sue in the near future. All this has happened prior to the Abyss actual storyline. Onto the Abyss storyline, Fon Master Ion is accompanied by his only Fon Master Guardian on a trail to make peace with Malkuth and Kimlasca-Lanvaldear.

Anise first appears when Luke and Tear are at the Engeve Inn. She asks about Ion and when given the answer, she runs off without answering their questions. Tear identified her as a Fon Master Guardian, one who is always with the Fon Master. She appears later on a second time and officially part of the storyline after the slaying of the Liger Queen. Anise comes back, on the request of Jade Curtiss of the Malkuth Military to come back as fast as she could with the Tartarus and his men. She was part of the arrest of Tear and Luke for illegally crossing the boarder through hyper resonance that was accidental. Anise is later revealed to be quite a bubbly girl who is determined to marry into money and find some rich guy to marry and mooch off of. She immediately finds interest in Luke Fon Fabre, the Duke's son. She wants to one day become his wife.

Anise becomes an important asset and member of Luke's group, as they ran around doing one task after another. Prior to the Akzeriuth climax, Anise is really attached to Luke and always hugging him shameless. She thinks that Tear and Natalia are competitions to her, and always latches onto Luke every now and then. After the events with Akzeriuth, Anise and Ion accompanies Asch the Bloody to figure out more motives of Van Grants, the Commandant. Once figuring out that he was planning on replicating a second Hod, Anise and Ion were sent back to Daath, where Ion gets captured on the spot as well as Natalia were taken and held in some part of the Oracle Knights Headquarters. When she sees Luke again, Anise doesn't seem to pleased with him returning and brushes him off. She found herself to be strangely annoyed with him for some time as they did rescue Ion and Natalia, she noticed that Luke is gradually changing. Through those events she tags along to Malkuth and help rescuing the people of St. Binah and such.

After all the events with the Sephiroth and near the big climax of Abyss, Anise reveals to be a spy for Mohs. She wasn't doing it because she wanted to. Mohs had her parents held under watchful eyes and used them as blackmail to the Guardian, forcing her to give him information on Ion's whereabouts and everything they did while they were with Luke and co. Anise eventually stutters out words that she was working for Mohs the whole time, tossing them a doll and having a message given to them to get to Mt. Zaleho from another point. When Ion eventually dies, after reading the Seventh Fon Stone, and ridding Tear of the Miasma that was in her body, Anise had a break down. She cried to herself, blaming it on her parents and herself that things had happened that way.

She feels guilty to even the end of the Story, where she claims she will reform the order in Ion's vision. As revealed, Anise's relationship with Ion a bit more than just guardian and Fon Master. She still blamed herself for what happened, despite the words that the others say that it wasn't her fault. She set her goal straight to no longer marry for money and reform the order as well as stopping Van from destroying the original Auldrant.

[ Personality ] :
Anise is a cheerful outgoing girl who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. She's always bringing the energy to her friends and allies. She never falters in her happy acts or antics to drive everyone crazy every now and then. Anise acts her age most of the time externally. A thirteen year old bubbly Fon Master Guardian who takes her job as seriously as possible. Despite her outgoing and friendly nature, she's also a formidable opponent. She often says 'boooo' a lot of things she doesn't like and it shows a little of her childish personality. She values Fon Master Ion above all else and constantly scolds him for things he's done that could be dangerous to his life such as casting Daathic Fonic Artes and because Ion values her as an important person to him, she always does her best to keep him out of danger and protecting him from possible threats that might be coming their way in the future.

Underneath that exterior of friendliness and bubbly cheerfulness, she's actually quite the clever little devil. She may not look like it but she can take advantage of people such as blackmailing Tear because she found out her weakness for cute things by spotting with a stuff doll or driving poor Guy into a corner about his Gynophobia. She even has the nerve to toy with Natalia and made her think that Van can shoot lasers from his eyebrows. These events seem rather silly but they all happened under yours truly, Anise Tatlin. This girl cannot be easily underestimated because she appears to be a small delicate thirteen year old girl. Anise has other tricks up her sleeves as well and it's sometimes completely impossible to read what that girl is thinking underneath that mask that she wears consistently with her friends and allies.

Despite all that she's actually very mature for her age. She may appear childish and lacking maturity at times but Anise is strangely very mature compared to most children her age. She's earned the trust of even Jade Curtiss doesn't usually trust people as easily. Jade is almost completely unreadable at times and perhaps because they share some similar traits that they get along so well. Jade and Anise are partner in crimes through and through. They're always planning little things here and there. Jade tends to be the one making the tactics and Anise does the dirty work. She knows a surprising amount of information about the world and it was probably due to the fact that she has seen plenty of things far worse than what she was experiencing sometimes. Anise is also good at masking her emotions. She doesn't show her sorrow her pain. She tends to cover it up with her usual actions.

Anise also shows this mature side of her by handling her rivalry with Arietta the Wild as an excuse to keep Arietta away from Ion because if Arietta learned that the Ion she wanted to protect was not the one that she knew, Arietta would be in pain. She doesn't know that and in the end Anise defeated Arietta with her friends help. Arietta may hate her, but Anise never really hated Arietta but what was done was done and she will try her best not to fall behind. Anise isn't always so cheerful and bubbly. When backed into a corner she can be a rather vicious character. When the Oracle Knights knocked her off of Tartarus during the invasion Anise screamed at the top of her lungs as she was falling, "I'LL KILL YOU BASTARDS!" and of course Ion knew about that part of her and made a remark to Luke about that little event. Anise proceeded to tell Ion to keep it low about that since she didn't want Luke to know about that side of her. She also tries to keep that from Jade as well. She is also a formidable opponent when fighting.

When she is fighting Anise will never let her guard down and because of her small size, she does not fight head on with anyone. Instead, she uses a Tokunaga a large Marionette that was created by Dist the Reaper back in the days when Anise and Dists were more or less friends. Tokunaga reacts to her energy and becomes a large fighting doll that she rides on and uses as a form of offense and defense. She's almost as ruthless as the others but being a child she might be a little more merciful than Jade or Guy.

Even when she is distressed she tries not to reveal any of it to anyone. She would rather not burden her friends with her personal problems and often try to solve them herself. Her happy and cheerful front usually masks how she really feels and if they didn't look deeper into her serious expression, they would not be able to know if she really was suffering or not. Her true feelings are always hidden by her exterior act of happiness. Anise a flirtatious girl despite being barely a teenager. It is the result of her family's money problems. Anise tends to jump onto any men that are deemed worthy. They have to have money and have to be good looking. She wouldn't settle for anything less than that but mostly for the money.

That is obvious when she latches onto Luke when she finds out he was a son of a Duke but through a drastic change of Ion's death, Anise realized that her most important person was no longer around, so instead of pursuing the rich and lovely life, she decides to go and reform the Order for the Sake of Ion and aiming to be the next Fon Master. She aims to be the first Female Fon Master as well and definitely she was working hard towards it. She wants to reform the Order so that it doesn't become a religion of control but a religion that saves people instead.

Anise really cares about her parents and she would do anything she could to protect them. When Mohs had them held captive under his wing, Anise was forced to play the role of the spy. She regretfully reports all of Ion's activities and even go as far as luring the God Generals to where the party was so that they could get Ion back. As much as Anise hated doing it, she forced herself to in order to protect her parents and that resulted in betraying her friends and losing Ion. Anise's most painful experience was losing Ion. She is traumatized by it and she will never forget it. It took her a while to get over his death but she was sensitive to this subject. Anise will definitely be tearing up and crying if anyone mentioned Ion on any level involving her. Even though she was told it wasn't her fault, Anise blames herself over Ions death, hence her goal to reform the Order for Ion and becoming the First Female Fon Master.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :


Anise is good at stealth and being sly like a cat. Being under training like Oracle Knights as a Fon Master Guardian; it was natural that she knew how to be sneaky and sly with her tactics.

She has to do that in order to protect Ion and keep danger away from the Fon Master. She's good at doing things undercover and secretly. She's usually doing the dirty work for everyone when they're not looking. Most of the time the dirty work is for Jade and she ends up doing a lot of things for Jade without anyone really knowing on the sidelines. Anise and Jade have a great way of trusting each other. Anise is a decent with her Fonic Artes. Fonic Artes is a hard thing to accomplish and when used correctly can do a lot of damage. Anise is capable of using a good handful of them but not nearly as well as Jade or Tear but enough to pass compared to most people. Strike Artes are her specialty. She's more brute strength and good punches versus the weapon fighters and those who go for Fonic Artes. It's a great impact with a giant marionette doll.

That and she's more of a balanced fighter than a pure offensive type or a spell caster type. She falls somewhere in between hence her abilties to use Fonic Artes and Strike Artes together without fair and because she's small she can move pretty fast without Tokunaga out. Anise is good ad avoiding getting hit when she's by herself. She has some serious luck to fall out of a structure like the Tartarus and survive. That's something that someone would need some serious pure luck to survive but Anise somehow avoids getting killed a good couple of times. Anise possesses a doll that reacts to her fonons and transforms into a larger fighting machine and it is often that she is seen fighting with it. It's also like a shield for her because Anise is small and petite, she really could get seriously hurt. Anise is also a great cook. She could make some great dishes that people will enjoy eating.

It may not be gourmet but she can do a pretty good job at it. Anise handles her money well. She has a tongue that can get people into paying her for things they weren't suppose to pay her for. To add to that she's great at blackmailing people and using knowledge she learns about them against them. She could even make people believe ridiculous things and they would believe without fail. Anise is also good at causing trouble when she feels like she's in a mischievous mood. Anise is also good at keeping secrets if she has to but she tends to ask for something in return.

Overall she's a pretty decent opponent in battle and possess a number of interesting skills that could be deemed dangerous to the population that is unaware of her Fonic and Strike Arte abilities.


Just like many Fonists, Anise is subdued to exhaustion and relapses after using many Fonic Artes. She doesn't have the best stamina but she can still hold her ground while being under that stress. It doesn't stop her from using the Fonic Artes though. For Strike Artes, Anise might have a hard time hitting them here and there and with such a giant marionette doll to fight with she's also vulnerable to direct attacks. It is hard to doge and distance herself away from direct attacks that are faster than her movement. Tokunaga does slow her down in a manner that could be dangerous to her as a fighter.

Ion is a huge weakness for Anise. She cares deeply for him and always looking out for him like a Fon Master Guardian and also a friend. She doesn't know how she feels about him beyond that but it must be very deep considering his death bothers her to no end. Anise would never forget the day that Ion died. She blames herself for his death and even if she was told that it wasn't her fault, she still would not let it go. Anise feels that she's responsible for his death as well. If she was able to do something about her situation or find out some way to fix it all before it happened. So mentioning Ion to Anise and his death and anything like that would trigger a reaction from her.

Anise's parents are the most important things to her. She would go as far as betraying her friends to help out her parents and make sure that they were safe and sound. She joined the Order of Lorelei as a Fon Master Guardian and a spy because Mohs wanted her to do it. Anise feels that her parents deserve more than what they were forced into. If it weren't for their kindness Anise would not have been the person she is today. No matter what she says about her parents, she loves them dearly and she would do anything to protect them.

Anise is also pretty bad at asking for help or telling people about her situation. When she was Mohs' spy she did not reveal any of the details about being one or even the reason why she was his spy. She caused everyone to be slightly questionable on her alliance. She would act suspicious here and there but she was always being Anise. They could not read her and that's a weakness that she should be able to overcome one day. Even if she told her friends, it would be a little late or too late to fix anything and they would have to do things to the best of their abilities to help her. Anise doesn't want to be a burden to anyone and tries to handle things on her own.

Anise feels responsible for Arietta's death as well. She felt guilty that things had to end the way they did but she served to remain as Arietta's object of hate through and through. She knows that if Arietta knew that her 'Ion' no longer existed, she would kill herself and hence it was all kept from her. It also sparked the misunderstanding between these two. Anise never truly wanted to tell Arietta the truth because she knew it would be painful for her to endear. She played the role of the hated for quite some time with Arietta. Maybe if things went a little differently, she would have been able to make friends with Arietta...maybe.

[ Other Important Facts ] :
Anise is actually a pretty good cook if given the chance. Though, it might not be safe to anger her when she's making food. It might not end up tasting good if anyone were to tick her off.

She likes to think of herself as a damsel in distress or act like a delicate teenage girl, but don't let that appearance fool you. She's hardly delicate or a damsel in distress. She might have picked up a few things with her language use as well. No thirteen year old girl would go shouting, "I'll kill you bastards!" as they fall. No teenager in their right mind anyway.

Anise loves money. Give her all yer money!! Totally a galdigger through and through but that's changed a lot since the death of Ion. The canon point in which she is taken from is right after the death of Ion. Her views on that is different but she still thinks of it here and there. This is also due to the fact that her parents were in huge debts and they were bailed out by Grand Maestro Mohs. If not for that Anise wouldn't have played the role of the spy.

Anise really treasures her Tokunaga dolls even though she claims they were ugly and useless to her mother. Those things are actually a huge comfort for Anise, hence the reason why she still carried Tokunaga around.

Anise's mature and secretive nature comes from a side story in the manga mentioning how she was bullied by the other female Fon Master Guardians because she was the only one that was chosen by Ion to be his Fon Master Guardian. Anise didn't have many friends and she was like an outcast. That's how she ended up getting along with Dist for a short time as well.

[ Sample ] :
That person, the blond didn’t seem to know what she was talking about. Could she have mistaken? The girl didn’t really know, but she was for certain that he was that God-General back there, without a doubt, and why did she seem so uneasy about it right now. The companions of his didn’t seem to be like her accusation, maybe she did accuse the wrong person, but why and how? They looked exactly alike, but the other guy said this person was not who she thought he was… so much for being calm.

He looked like the man so much? She narrowed her eyes at Guy, and took in his appearance a bit more clearly than she did before. Yes, he did look like the God-General, only he looked different, clueless, and a bit younger. She noticed the complexion and shape of his face. She frowned a bit as she still held the unconscious boy within her grasp. She realized that they were addressing to Ion as a she, and she totally ignored that a second ago. That got the girl to be a bit more annoyed by that. Instead of thinking of an apology to the blond haired man she retorted faintly to the comment before.

“He’s not a SHE,” she replied. She didn’t know if she should tell them that he was the Fon Master. It might be the wrong idea to do so, so she kept quiet for now. Wait… did that strangely hair coloured guy just say House Fabre? She remembered clearly that Luke’s name was Luke Fon Fabre. Could this man be of a relation to Luke? She didn’t know, but she parted her lips to speak again, only to the blond, but acknowledging the others clearly now, “You mean he’s from House Fabre, then you must have connections to Luke ne?” she raised a brow at the words. She faintly grinned at the thing about being afraid of girls, “Oh? Really? Then if I approach him, he’d run the other way right?” that is so not what that other guy would do! she told herself before continuing.

“Then you aren’t in any relations to the God-Generals right?” she mused again, before hearing the voice behind her. She didn’t like it, and feeling a bit of a shiver up her spine the girl inwardly growled. Yes, she was indeed a feisty one. She turned and glared at him. Yes, the right one, so the other wasn’t lying to her than. She glowered, “Over my dead body!” she snapped back as she let the other down slowly and then stood in the way of the Fon Master to block him from the blond haired God General. She didn’t get how the Commandants elite forces would be out in broad daylight kidnapping the Fon Master, did Van even know about this?

Damn these travelers for coming in on a bad time. If they had come later, it would have been fine, or somewhere else, but here, where the blond male had caught them, there would be a lot of trouble. She turned back hearing the green haired boy’s voice, “Ion, you’re okay!” she replied with a bit of excitement, but refusing to move from where she was standing to hand Ion over to Balir, the unnamed God-General that had taken her and the Fon Master hostage.


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