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→Player's Name: Tarei
→What Kingdom Hearts games have you played/watched/read?: Played KH 1 and KH 2.
→AIM/email: AIM: xShadowYumex | EMAIL:
→LJ: [ profile] dreams_ofregret
→Timezone: (optional) PST

→Character: Anise Tatlin
→Series: Tales of the Abyss
→Version: OU
→Age: 16
→Gender: Female
→Sexuality: Straight

Anise appears to be a teenager with dark brown, almost black hair, that are tied in two high pig-tails above her head. The pigtails are held up with golden sunlit ribbons. She is short for her age, and wears a pink and white clothes that she is often seen in. On her shoulders is Tokunaga, a doll the colour of a yellowish orange and appears to be a plush on her shoulder. She has big brown eyes, and a rather Carmel coloured skin. Unlike most of the females, her skin colour isn't exactly pale like most females, but it isn't dark either.

She wears long socks that go a bit above her thighs a little. Her shoes are rather pointy, and white with a stripe of a golden color. Over her chest area, there is a symbol in blue over white fabric that covers most of her neck. The white with the strange blue symbol over her form is like recognizing of her as a Fon Master Guardian She's slim and petite, not very developed, but mostly she's thirteen, so of course she'd be a bit flat in the chest area. Slender long legs. She is usually cheerful and happy, always finding ways to brighten things for everyone of her companions, but she can be scary when angered or annoyed, as well as other things such as extremely pouty and clingy to a person, trying to charm him with her oh-so-cute look ♥

Anise is a bubbly cheerful girl, who loves money, and likes to say she isn't a child. She is talkative and quite outgoing with others. She likes to talk about dreamy things and such, being all mushy gushy as she can be. On the contrary, she can be a bit rude mean, and pouty. When she doesn't get what she wants, she gets pouty, or when she doesn't like a person, she tends to argue with them. Anise is also different in battle. Anise is violent and very aggressive in battle.

Don't let this kid intimidate ya, Anise is much more serious in battle, and can do much damage thanks to her oversize puppet doll, Tokunaga. She is quite the cheering up type of person as well, as well as she can be quite negative about some of the tings she says and does, but mostly, she's an easy to get along with girl. Anise is main goal at the this point is to marry into money and often falls in 'love' with rich nobles, and in this case when she meets Luke, later, she will be very clingy and ushering for marriage into his family, etc. Anise is very devoted to Ion. She won't let any harm go to him and demands to protect him to the best of her abilities.

Anise isn't the most polite little lady out there either. She has a mouth of a sailor, if you want to put it that way. She often uses cuss words or something along those lines, when she becomes angry or provoked, even being mocked, she could get a bit rude. Despite her cute and bubbly nature, she's also quite the brat.

Anise is also very vulnerable to family related situations. Despite the fact that her parents have the tendency to be tricked, she loves them. She is guaranteed to betray anyone for her family. That is showed clearly in the game when Mohs kidnapped her parents and forced to take Ion to the Fon Stone that ended his life. Anise blames herself for Ion's death and no matter how much anyone tells her it isn't her fault, Anise couldn't accept it. Ion was important to her, even if they had only know each other for about two years. She carries that wound in her heart, and she won't be forgetting about Ion's death any day soon.

At the end of the game, Anise devoted herself to reform The Order for Ion. It shows how important he was to her, even though she was forced to hurt in the process.

Anise's main abilities include being able to use Tokunaga, the small yellow cat like doll on her shoulders. She carries Tokunaga around as a gift from her parents, and modified by Dist the Reaper, Tokunaga responds to her fonons and increases size by ten fold. The large mechanical doll can strike pretty brutally and fight veryt accurately. The only thing wrong with it is that it isn't the fastest thing to fight in and often makes her a bit slower than intended. Anise is always seen in battle with Tokunaga. Her movements are mainly for defending herself and offending to protect her companions, that's why during most fights Anise stands in front of the spellcasters and protect them from damage.

Her other abilities include Fonic Artes, where she can use spells such as 'Bloody Howling,' and 'Negative Gate,' which are spells of mainly dark and light. Her Fonic Artes aren't really strong, but they are pretty much enough to get by and can cause damage to the opponent, at close or a far away range, and the other is Strike Artes, which consist of physical fighting movements, that Anise executes with Tokinaga, whether it be a cyclone, or a a few strikes of damage. Strike Artes are more used by her than Fonic Artes. Anise is capable of both however, and excels in bother as well as the next person that can Fonic Artes. She may not be as strong as Luke physically, or great at Fonic Artes as Jade is, but she's capable of the basics enough to fight.

Anise isn't physically capable of fighting, but struggling yes. That's why she uses Tokunaga as a fighting machine for her, and her magic, so that at some times she could keep a defense up. Tokunaga has always been seen with her and holds an even bigger significance to her than it appears. Not only was the doll given to her by her parents, but it was modified by a God General that Anise had to struggle with fights through. Tokunaga is her strength as well as her weakness.

Anise is prone to money, so whatever money is offered she is somewhat greedy for it. She would marry off to a rich man if she wanted, usually rich, handsome men that she encounters such as Luke, or elderly man if she has to. Her reason for her greed is that she wants to pay off the debts that her parents owe to the Order, and because of that, she is forced to work as a Fon Master Guardian for that reason with pay that goes to the Order. Anise is emotionally weak and it is not obvious, because she always keep strong face, a strong personality and a cheerfulness that always fools others. Deep down is weak, and when people who target her family or friends, she is likely to be forced into blackmail and prone to do things she doesn't want to do, because she wants no harm to her friends or family. Anise's parents are important to her, despite her coldness and rudeness towards them, she loves them deep down.

Anyone using Anise's parent's against her (ex: Mohs) she will have to do what he says, because her parents are in danger. She would go as far as betraying her fellow companions because she worries over her parents' safety, thus her detachment towards Luke and the others. She puts up a strong facade most the time, so that people would not worry over her, and that often leads to misunderstandings. Without Tokunaga with her, Anise will be completely defenseless and easily to push around. Though, as the safety of her parents and death of the Fon Master, Anise strives to be a stronger person and soon gives up the thought of marrying for money, or money in general. As she strays away from her greediness, it's still there. Anise is also clingy and attached to people, usually around Luke or attempts she makes on Guy, so she is prone to make biased judgments from time to time.

Anise lived most of her live in Daath with her parents who were always prone to scams. Every time they would get calls or advertisements that would lead them to give money to people. Being the nice and kind people they were, they always fell for it, and at some point, her parents owed the Church of Daath tons of money. Her parents were forced to work for Daath with now pay, and Anise was ushered to become a Fon Master Guardian. Surprisingly during that time, she was still undergoing training, and new to the Order, she met Dist the Reaper, a slim and slender man with white hair and a flower collared uniform who always ate by himself.

Anise had the guts to sit down and converse with them. When she actually had been picked as the Fon Master's Guardian, Anise was treated poorly by the other jealous women that were there, picking her and causing trouble for her. Some point during all that had been happening, Anise was dumped over the head with water, ruining documents that she had to deliver to the Fon Master, and that time, Tokunaga her doll was stomped on by one of the jealous young women. Dist had saved her by appearing, making the women run away, while Anise was still there standing with water running down her face and clothes. When Dist spoke of her parents in an ill manner, Anise bites back telling him not to say bad things about her parents and running off, leaving Dist to pick up her doll. He commenced an experiment on the doll, returning it to Anise saying that he was stitched up Tokunaga for an experiment he wanted to try.

He explained to her that the doll would react to her fonons when she gives the command. He placed a special font tech in there in order for the doll to respond to her call and grow in its size ten fold. It is a useful asset for that she would be able to sue in the near future. All this has happened prior to the Abyss actual storyline. Onto the Abyss storyline, Fon Master Ion is accompanied by his only Fon Master Guardian on a trail to make peace with Malkuth and Kimlasca-Lanvaldear.

Anise first appears when Luke and Tear are at the Engeve Inn. She asks about Ion and when given the answer, she runs off without answering their questions. Tear identified her as a Fon Master Guardian, one who is always with the Fon Master. She appears later on a second time and officially part of the storyline after the slaying of the Liger Queen. Anise comes back, on the request of Jade Curtiss of the Malkuth Military to come back as fast as she could with the Tartarus and his men. She was part of the arrest of Tear and Luke for illegally crossing the boarder through hyper resonance that was accidental. Anise is later revealed to be quite a bubbly girl who is determined to marry into money and find some rich guy to marry and mooch off of. She immediately finds interest in Luke Fon Fabre, the Duke's son. She wants to one day become his wife.

Anise becomes an important asset and member of Luke's group, as they ran around doing one task after another. Prior to the Akzeriuth climax, Anise is really attached to Luke and always hugging him shameless. She thinks that Tear and Natalia are competitions to her, and always latches onto Luke every now and then. After the events with Akzeriuth, Anise and Ion accompanies Asch the Bloody to figure out more motives of Van Grants, the Commandant. Once figuring out that he was planning on replicating a second Hod, Anise and Ion were sent back to Daath, where Ion gets captured on the spot as well as Natalia were taken and held in some part of the Oracle Knights Headquarters. When she sees Luke again, Anise doesn't seem to pleased with him returning and brushes him off. She found herself to be strangely annoyed with him for some time as they did rescue Ion and Natalia, she noticed that Luke is gradually changing. Through those events she tags along to Malkuth and help rescuing the people of St. Binah and such.

After all the events with the Sephiroth and near the big climax of Abyss, Anise reveals to be a spy for Mohs. She wasn't doing it because she wanted to. Mohs had her parents held under watchful eyes and used them as blackmail to the Guardian, forcing her to give him information on Ion's whereabouts and everything they did while they were with Luke and co. Anise eventually stutters out words that she was working for Mohs the whole time, tossing them a doll and having a message given to them to get to Mt. Zaleho from another point. When Ion eventually dies, after reading the Seventh Fon Stone, and ridding Tear of the Miasma that was in her body, Anise had a break down. She cried to herself, blaming it on her parents and herself that things had happened that way.

She feels guilty to even the end of the Story, where she claims she will reform the order in Ion's vision. As revealed, Anise's relationship with Ion a bit more than just guardian and Fon Master. She still blamed herself for what happened, despite the words that the others say that it wasn't her fault. She set her goal straight to no longer marry for money and reform the order as well as stopping Van from destroying the original Auldrant.

→Sample LJ post:
'm sorry everyone. I didn't mean to do what I did, but it couldn't be helped. I know it's over now, but I can't help but feel something's missing. I guess I can't worry about that at the moment. I'm feeling better. My wounds are healing too. So that's good.

Quatre, Misa, thanks for being worried about me. I heard from Quatre that you guys baked cookies or something. I can't wait to see you guys with them. eheh ♥

Hitsugaya, I'm sorry for worrying you, and having you see that horrid... scene. I guess, I broke my promise huh? Don't be angry please. Thanks for taking care of me while I was out too. I don't know what I'd do without you ehehehe.

I'm sorry if I worried anyone else. I really didn't intend to get killed, but that thing. It' so frightening. I haven't felt fear in so long really. I don't know what it was, but everyone be wary of that forest. It's not right. I wonder how Gloomietta is... (unreadable but hackable)

Uhm... about that request ...
I don't know why you asked m to do it, but I guess, I won't pry.
I promise to tell you next time... if Arietta does.


And What's with this sudden darkness? Jeez, it's like some horror fun house. I mean I don't really care about it, but do people have to scream so much, it's kind of annoying. I don't think anything's going to come out and attack you.

→Sample RP post:
That person, the blond didn’t seem to know what she was talking about. Could she have mistaken? The girl didn’t really know, but she was for certain that he was that God-General back there, without a doubt, and why did she seem so uneasy about it right now. The companions of his didn’t seem to be like her accusation, maybe she did accuse the wrong person, but why and how? They looked exactly alike, but the other guy said this person was not who she thought he was… so much for being calm.

He looked like the man so much? She narrowed her eyes at Guy, and took in his appearance a bit more clearly than she did before. Yes, he did look like the God-General, only he looked different, clueless, and a bit younger. She noticed the complexion and shape of his face. She frowned a bit as she still held the unconscious boy within her grasp. She realized that they were addressing to Ion as a she, and she totally ignored that a second ago. That got the girl to be a bit more annoyed by that. Instead of thinking of an apology to the blond haired man she retorted faintly to the comment before.

“He’s not a SHE,” she replied. She didn’t know if she should tell them that he was the Fon Master. It might be the wrong idea to do so, so she kept quiet for now. Wait… did that strangely hair coloured guy just say House Fabre? She remembered clearly that Luke’s name was Luke Fon Fabre. Could this man be of a relation to Luke? She didn’t know, but she parted her lips to speak again, only to the blond, but acknowledging the others clearly now, “You mean he’s from House Fabre, then you must have connections to Luke ne?” she raised a brow at the words. She faintly grinned at the thing about being afraid of girls, “Oh? Really? Then if I approach him, he’d run the other way right?” that is so not what that other guy would do! she told herself before continuing.

“Then you aren’t in any relations to the God-Generals right?” she mused again, before hearing the voice behind her. She didn’t like it, and feeling a bit of a shiver up her spine the girl inwardly growled. Yes, she was indeed a feisty one. She turned and glared at him. Yes, the right one, so the other wasn’t lying to her than. She glowered, “Over my dead body!” she snapped back as she let the other down slowly and then stood in the way of the Fon Master to block him from the blond haired God General. She didn’t get how the Commandants elite forces would be out in broad daylight kidnapping the Fon Master, did Van even know about this?

Damn these travelers for coming in on a bad time. If they had come later, it would have been fine, or somewhere else, but here, where the blond male had caught them, there would be a lot of trouble. She turned back hearing the green haired boy’s voice, “Ion, you’re okay!” she replied with a bit of excitement, but refusing to move from where she was standing to hand Ion over to Balir, the unnamed God-General that had taken her and the Fon Master hostage.

I need more passion than you know...
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